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My name is Daniel

Welcome to my Adventure Journal

Design and Work

Working as a web-designer full-time, and a business owner part time – there is a lot of stuff going on at all times. Check out my company page and feel free to get in touch with any projects or ideas!

Lifestyle and Travel

This is the place where i post extended stories, images and videos of my travels around the world. Working through my bucket list one crazy trip at a time, so check back for regular updates.

Motorbike Vietnam Part 2: Day 7 – 12

The second part of this epic trip included sunny weather, great waterfalls, near death experiences, great christmas surfing, and a whole lot of other small little great surprises that met us along the road. Both the skies and the people opened up to give us some great memorable moments.

Motorbike Vietnam Part 1: Day 1-6

More than 2300km of highway lay ahead of us when we embarked on our motorbikes from Hanoi City in Vietnam, heading for Ho Chi Minh further south. The first days were filled with anxiety of the crazy traffic, heavy rain, flat tires, land slides, and a whole bunch of crazy scenery.

Hiking Napali Coast – Kauai

Boarded the plane from Honolulu on a hot summer day, bags filled with hiking gear and good vibrations. We were ready to take on the infamous Kalalau trail on the Island of Kauai. An 11 mile hike that takes an average of 6 – 8 hours going in. We did not know what to...

Thailand on Two Wheels

On a sunny day in the city of Pattaya, Thailand, outside the infamous Avenue in Guest House – A father, a son, a swede, a happy couple,and two happy adventure enthusiasts were all ready to undertakea planned 500km bicycle ride down the coast of Eastern Thailand.Pic 1,...

My name is Daniel…

and I´m a big fan of all types of adventures. Indiana Jones has (obviously) always been my hero, so every time I go on a vacation I try to make it into an adventure. That is why i decided to start writing an adventure journal to keep track of all my trips, and maybe inspire some people out there to do the same. Happy travels!


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Featured Story:

Vietnam part 1

The winter of 2016/2017 we rented a couple motorbikes in Hanoi, Vietnam, and set course to Ho Chi Minh some 1800km south. Through 21 days we encountered the worst rainfall in 50 years, landslides, some amazing nature – and a whole bunch of other things…
Memorable Adventures:

Thailand & Cambodia by bike

With two wheels to carry us, we set out on two of the most memorable trips I´ve ever had to date – biking through Thailand and Cambodia was something I will never forget. Read about these amazing trips, and  many others, here on this page.


Being a full-time emplyee and a company owner on the side is not your everyday lifestyle. If you want to read more about me, my skills and my experience – check out this page right here.

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