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My Biography

Welcome to my Adventure Journal

Brand Developer and CEO of Bølgen Media, and an avid adventurer who´d rather spend
his life with the passport in one hand and a good book in the other.
And a visa gold-card with just enough money in my back pocket…

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This webpage is currently under development and will be completed some time during first quarter of 2018.

Please be patient, thank you for your understanding =)

My name is Daniel…

and I´m a big fan of all types of adventures. Indiana Jones has (obviously) always been my hero, so every time I go on a vacation I try to make it into an adventure. That is why i decided to start writing an adventure journal to keep track of all my trips, and maybe inspire some people out there to do the same. Happy travels!


Find me on Instagram: @danielthu


From driving through Vietnam on motorbikes, to enjoying SPAs in Norway. Read all about it!