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Thailand on Two Wheels

by | Feb 7, 2015 | Asia, Thailand, Travel Stories | 0 comments

On a sunny day in the city of Pattaya, Thailand, outside the infamous Avenue in Guest House – A father, a son, a swede, a happy couple,and two happy adventure enthusiasts were all ready to undertakea planned 500km bicycle ride down the coast of Eastern Thailand.

Pic 1, 2 & 4: Excited for the trip ahead – and starting off with great roads and views
Pic 3: Some nice lady gave us juicy oranges to cool us down <3

Pic 1 & 2: When the roads came to an end we had to get creative, so we got a fisherman to carry us across.
Pic 3 & 4: Safe across on the other side, there was a giant war-ship museum. Cool.

As exciting as the road was, I was always thrilled about where we would end up. What would meet us there? What condition would the hotel be in? How would the food taste? Would they have chocolate milkshake? The important things…

Pic 1-4: “Think I´ll just stay here. You guys go on ahead…” – Many great hotels and resorts along the way.

Pic 1:My most important asset of survival – the chocolate milkshake.
Pic 2: Stacking up on carbs for the next day, at a beautiful spot by the beach.
Pic 3: Beers? Yes, please…
Pic 4: Not super-ready to get back on the bike.

Every pit-stop we did offered small surprises, unveiled little local secrets, introduced us to many interesting people, and best of all, let us stop for a minute and take in the sights of the wonderful world we are so lucky to be a part of. 

Pic 1-4: Flat tires happend a lot. It gave time for a little exploring.

Pic 1: This local village-girl knew how to speak norwegian and had a little norwegian flag outside her house!
Pic 2: The scenery was nevr boring, and we found lots of places to explore.
Pic 3: Hungry for fish?
Pic 4: A tourist bar-strip got burnt down during new years eve. Took out a whole lot of bars.

Things got really interesting when the paved roads came to an end… Off the grid in uncharted territory we let chance take the captain´s chair. Every turn took us to a narrower and dirtier road until we almost lost hope of finding a way further. None of us could have expected what we found in the end… 

Pic 1:This was the last paved road we would see for a long time.
Pic 2 – 4: What lacked in infrastructure, made up in scenery.

Pic 1: Living in Hawaii at the time I did this trip, I found it hilarious that in the middle of nowhere there was a sign for a Hawaiian hotel
Pic 2: When the maps didnt work, we had to seek help elsewhere.
Pic 3: I told her I´d come back for her. Wonder if she is still waiting…
Pic 4: Location scouting, trying to find a way across a big river.

What looked like a certain dead end brought out a silent sigh in all of us, as we desperately tried to communicate with the villagers in the small remote fishing town where the road stopped. They signaled us to follow them on a small passage that lead out to the water and through the village, which was built on pillars above ground. Suddenly we could see something strange unveiling itself around the bend – a brand new luxurious resort with a nice restaurant. “We will arrange a ferry for you while you eat,” they communicated to us. What a surprise. 

Pic 1:We were guided through a narrow passageway through the village.
Pic 2: Though the village was remote, it was still bursting with life.
Pic 3-4: Not sure what to expect at this moment…

Pic 1: Suddenly we see this “luxurious” newly built resort in the middle of this old fishing village, and we were all just shocked.
Pic 2: They had plenty of high-standard rooms as well as lots of small fish-ponds for eating fresh fish.
Pic 3 – 4: After hours of bumpy roads and lack of decent meals, this one was truly one for champions!

Fresh on hope and filled with energy from a delicious meal we were excited to get on the ferry and complete the final stretch of our journey. Little did we expect that by ferry they meant a small boat with major leaks all over. A boat which should carry four was now turned into a freight-ship carrying nine, and seven bikes.
The sort of adventure we live for! 

Pic 1: “Your ferry is waiting, sir…”
Pic 2: Åge is helping secure the cargo.
Pic 3: “Can you please use that bucket to empty the water from the boat so it doesn´t sink, thanks!” 
Pic 4: In deep waters, the swede looks a little worried.

Pic 1:A small bike-ride after the ferry and we had reached our final destination.
Pic 2:The final kilometres ended with a little drama as the swede almost got struck by a tire from a car that crashed right next to him.
Pic 3 – 4: Luckily, we all made it to the end in one piece! The taxi home arrived the next morning. 

Some random shots from the trip. So many things to see, and so many impression to digest. Hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures.

Pic 1: Buddha Hill in Pattaya is a beautiful sight.
Pic 2: Some cute pups I wanted to bring with me.
Pic 3: We got to watch the sunset from a different beach every day. Truly amazing.
Pic 4: Where´s the toilet paper?

Pic 1: Some secluded resort we passed in the middle of nowhere.
Pic 2: Some mandatory shopping.
Pic 3: The local cinema – screen on one side of the road, the viewers on the other. And the occasional car passing between.
Pic 4: Enjoying a wll earned pit-stop.
Pic 5: Father and son on the road! 

Napali coast hike – hawaii

The prettiest place in the world, where we ate local food, showered in waterfalls, and had some intimate storytelling with naked-Rick!